Physics proving by experiment that the Irrational Number is actually two different Rational numbers// sqrt2 is 1.414 with 1.415 in 1000 Grid
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Archimedes Plutonium
2017-06-12 03:19:48 UTC
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experiment first of its kind-- physics proving math Re: Modern Physics Experiments proving Old Math polygon theory deeply flawed
Now if someone were really brilliant in mathematics when the Uncertainty Principle came out in physics. This brilliant person would have said that something major in math follows the same sort of reasoning. The more careful one focuses upon position, the more fuzzy becomes the momentum. In math, the more precise we know where 3 identical length rods to form a 3-gon become, the less we know of what angles the 3-gon has.
Sad to say, that mathematicians were mostly dullards, stupid dumb dullards after the Uncertainty Principle came out in physics, for none of those in math sought to find out where UP was in math itself. I know both math and physics well, an expert in both, and drawing on my expertise, I would say the reason that no-one in math ever had the idea-- "hey, physics has UP, so we must have a form of UP in math" the reason that no-one came onto that notion in math, is that everyone in math during that time period was under this delusion that math was ultra pure and clean and that physics with its UP was some dirty corner of physics that could not possibly infect the sanitary mathematics. Physics to them was below math and was crude. No-one in that time period ever had the notion in math, that physics was above math and it was math that was the crude semiforeign body, whilst physics was the king of science.

So now, I offer both physics and math a great opportunity to show that Physics is supreme and math the lowly subordinate. I offer a experiment, purely out of Physics that proves to mathematicians, their understanding of the Irrational Number was totally and utterly screwball.

This is a first of its kind experiment, that mathematicians are found wrong by physics experiment. In the past, it has always been that the math was unquestioned and was aiding the physicists. Here is the reverse, where the mathematicians are sick and disabled and need the help of physics to show them what is true and not true.
Now, lovely that math, today is able to have experiments performed upon math. To see if what math says is true, or not true.
EXPERIMENT:: that shows us the 3-gon and 5-gon cannot exist with equal length sides and equal length angles. They can exist as equal sides, but the angles are not equal. And physics has developed such precision instruments that it can tell mathematics-- you guys are all wrong.
The experiment outcome will prove to mathematicians, that IRRATIONAL Number means a duo of different numbers, whereas the Rational Number means a solo single number.

Leave it to a ignorant mathematician to believe that square-root of 2 is 1.414.... which when multiplied together will ever reach 2.000...... Leave it to the ignorant mathematician, never able to realize, understand, that Irrational means it is not just 1.414.... but at least two different numbers that composes a irrational. So that 1.41 with 1.42 gives us 2.00. Then 1.414 with 1.415 gives us 2.000 and so forth and so on. So that irrational means, a number that is two numbers acting like one number.
Now, in physics, we can get to a precision greater than that of 1.414 and 1.415. We can measure to the thousands decimal place value. In the case of sqrt3 1.732.... in 1000 Grid we have 1.732 with 1.733 when multiplied together gives only 3.00 we need 3.000. So 1.732 with 1.7325 gives 3.000.
So we have from a Physics laboratory we have 3 identical length rods and another set of 5 identical rods of set length.
Now the dullard mathematicians of our day, today, and that pretty well includes all of them, are so dumb and dull, that they can never accept the fact that they were too stupid in math to realize Irrational number is two different numbers. Never accept it and keep on teaching young minds their pathetic misunderstanding.

So, a Physics experiment would alter the scene altogether. Would prove to the stupid mathematician, he/she has to change their ways for the better. They can no longer be ignorant imbeciles of math.

In this Experiment, Physics proves that only a Square is a figure that has all sides equal and all angles equal. No other Regular Polygon has all equal sides with all equal angles. Your dullard mathematician will tell you that a 3-gon and 5-gon and the lovely hexagon, all have equal sides with equal angles and called a Regular Polygon. But the Physics Experiment will prove that the 3-gon, 5-gon, 6-gon all have equal sides, yes indeed the sides will be all equal lengths, but their angles are never all equal. The angles of the 3-gon are not three angles of 60 degrees, the five angles of the pentagon are not all 108 degrees, the hexagon angles are not all 120 degrees.

What the physics experiment is able to do, to the 10^-3 place value is with precision show us that given equal length rods, that their interior angles cannot all be the same angle. Physics has become so very finely accurate that it can prove to the mathematician, that the irrational numbers contained in Regular Polygon theory of Old Math, are contradictory.

You can have Polygons whose sides are all equal in length. But that comes at the price of all the angles are not equal, due to the possession of a Irrational Number. And vice versa, for you can have a Polygon whose entire 6 angles in a hexagon are all equal angles, but then, the sacrifice is that the lengths of the sides are not all equal.

And physics of today is so good at precision on the scale of 10^-3 place value, that physics can tell if Sqrt 2 is that of 1.414... alone or that of 1.414 with 1.415. Physics can tell if sqrt2 involves two different numbers, but no nutty math professor is ever going to want to change his/her delusions of sqrt2.
Now we form the 3 rods so they look like a 3-gon, and the 5 rods into a 5-gon.
Now, using physics precision, what we find is that the peak vertex angle is different from the other angles in both the 3-gon and 5-gon. Not different by much, but different by 1.415/1.414 = 1.0007.
Our modern day physics labs can show that one of the angles in a 3-gon or 5-gon is different from the other angles by a .07% difference.
Now if the irrational number was sqrt 3 we have a difference of 1.7325/1.732 = 1.0002 or .02% difference.
Now I do not know if the physicists when doing this experiment will use laser light precision, either for the lengths or the angles measured.
Our modern day physics can achieve that precision.
And what will find out, is that Mathematics was never correct in thinking that the 3-gon had equal angles if given equal sides.
ANOTHER EXPERIMENT:: take those 3 identical length rods and those 5 rods.
Now construct the 3-gon on a graph paper, that is highly accurate. We know that the peak vertex PV
Our modern day physics is good, but it too is often misplaced such as the silly stupid gravity waves machine LIGO. Chasing after waves that are like the Spaniard chasing after windmills that are just delusions. Gravity is EM and nothing what the idiots of LIGO think of as gravity. However, their machine is good for this test on mathematics.

The precision needed to test mathematics, is what a modified LIGO machine can do.
A                      B
In 3-gon A-PV-B, is not going to be a lattice point. Say our length is 1 for side. Then A would be at (0,0) and B at (1,0) and where would the closest lattice point for PV be? The closest lattice point in 10 Grid would be (.5, .9) Let us say it is the point (.5, .9) then ask what are the angles at A, B, and PV?
Can we have two of the three angles be 60 degrees and then just the third angle at PV be off? Or, do we have to have two angles off of 60 degrees? Or worse, all three angles different?
So what is it?
Now I maybe wrong, but I think the 3-gon is our best polygon to test on for the angles are small and the irrational number involved is good for its spread on 60 degrees. So that the spread of variance is almost a .1 degree. So that an angle of the Equilateral Triangle is misaligned by 59.9 degrees or 60.1 degrees that can never be removed.
Maybe the 5-gon can tell us.
4                                 3
       2                    1
We had highly precise Physics Lab cut rods of 1 unit length. Now we place them on a highly precise Graph paper in 10 Grid. Now we place the 4 rods to cover 4-2-1-3 and measure the angles at 2 and 1 to be precisely 108 degrees, as precise as our modern day physics allows us, and we can be sure it allows more accuracy than the 10^-4 place value, far more accuracy than that.
I think the 3-gon will be our best test case experiment.

But then, someone in physics and engineering is likely to have already performed this experiment and shrugged the results off on thinking-- well I just did not do it properly.

And all they have to do is repeat that old experiment and report it.
So here we turn math and physics upside down, on its head. In that usually it is math putting precision into physics, but here Math is the naughty wayward subject and it is physics showing how out of place math is. Now with our last two rods we try to put them into a 5-gon position but find that angles at both 3 and 4 are not the same as at 2 and 1. So here we see that at least 2 angles different are involved, and we cannot get away with one angle out helter-skelter. So back to the 3-gon, we see that we cannot have just one angle different from 60 degrees but at least two angles, and thus all three angles are unlike.
The world's first time where Physics Experiment, proves something in mathematics is dismally wrong and should be thrown out.


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Subject: physics showing the 45-45-90 triangle is a vibrating triangle Re:
Physics experiment proving that only the square is a regular polygon
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physics showing the 45-45-90 triangle is a vibrating triangle Re: Physics experiment proving that only the square is a regular polygon

Now the square root of 2 has a defect of about .07%, or about .1% which physics can measure with accuracy.  In other words, the physicists, telling the dumb stupid mathematician, that an irrational number is not one single solo number but is two different numbers acting as one. So sqrt2 is 1.414 with 1.415 in 1000 Grid and physics can measure this with accuracy of a .07 defect.

Telling the stupid mathematician-- your idea that an irrational number is a single solo number is idiotic.

That a equilateral triangle can have all sides equal, but then, all three angles are irrational angles, meaning the angles vibrate between say 59.9 degrees and 60.1 degrees. A 3-gon or equilateral triangle is a vibrating triangle, one second it is 59.9 another second it is 60.1, never still.

The only Regular Polygon where all sides are equal and all angles are equal is the square. It does not vibrate, for it is all rational points and rational angles.

But now, cut the square in half for a 45-45-90 triangle. And it is going to be a vibrating triangle for the hypotenuse is irrational length and vibrates between 1.414 and 1.415.

Here again physics can set up a accurate experiment to show the hypotenuse vibrates.


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two acting as one;; Physics proving the Irrational-number in math is really two different rational-numbers acting as one

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Subject: LIGO is thought to measure gravity waves, but it may turn out to be
the vibration of numbers Re: two acting as one;;
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LIGO is thought to measure gravity waves, but it may turn out to be the vibration of numbers Re: two acting as one;;

Now a chilling thought occurred to me. Suppose someone used LIGO to measure the irrational numbers in math in an equilateral triangle and found that the sides which were thought to be exactly equal turns out to be .07% not equal.

So that LIGO itself is not measuring gravity waves (for they are nonexistent), but merely LIGO is measuring any disturbance in the surroundings and even measuring the fact of irrational-numbers in mathematics vibrate.

LIGO is measuring the instability of mathematics numbers. That sqrt2 bounces around between being 1.414 and being 1.415.

So in physics, when doing measurements, the numbers themselves are part of the measuring process.

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2017-06-15 00:55:15 UTC
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No, the square root of 2 is not "two numbers acting as one." Whatever that means.